SAI Probiotics LLC.

SAI Probiotics LLC.

We are a probiotic company out of Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA and boast of fusing science with nature in all our product offerings. All our products are 'Made in USA'.


SAI Probiotics LLC.

Our flagship product, SAIPro FEMME, is a Probiotics with an Edge. It is the only product on the market supercharged with natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that synergize with the goodness of probiotics. It delivers 20 Billion CFU of 8 probiotic strains scientifically shown to promote feminine health. Our system complexes good bacteria with powerful natural agents: turmeric and cranberry, to promote bio-availability and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Why Choose SAIPro FEMME Probiotics?

You need a complete approach to improving your gut, feminine and immune health and there is no better probiotic supplement than SAIPro FEMME. Boasting 20 colony-forming units (CFUs) and eight different probiotic strains, SAIPro FEMME is already ahead of the game when it comes to taking a targeted and precise approach to improving women’s health. The probiotic strains provide women with enough good bacteria to balance gut health, but what truly makes this product stand out is the addition of Turmeric Curcumin and Cranberry. SAIPro FEMME is the first and only product to leverage the synergistic effects of these ingredients, which are proven to support urinary and vaginal health, boost the immune system and even assist with losing weight. It’s an ideal mixture for women wishing to get as many benefits as possible out of their probiotic regimen.

The capsules themselves are made with effectiveness in mind as well. SAIPro FEMME uses delayed-release vegetarian capsules to deliver bacteria directly to the gut, ensuring that stomach acid doesn’t destroy the microorganisms on the way. When using this supplement, there’s no need to worry over whether the ingredients will get where they need to go. SAI Probiotics has gone out of its way to ensure that they do.

With SAIPro FEMME, women also get a probiotic with all-natural ingredients. Not many supplement companies can make that claim, despite how counterproductive it is to ingest allergens and toxins while attempting to boost one’s physical health. Unlike so many products on the market today, SAIPro FEMME is vegan, gluten-free, hypoallergenic and GMO-free. There’s no downside to this supplement.

Our company has also made a point to package SAIPro Femme in desiccant-lined CSP bottles, so there’s no need to refrigerate these probiotics. They stay fresh even at room temperature, giving them another leg up on the competition.

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