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Saint Andrew ~ Patron Saint of Fishermen, Spinsters, Vocalists, Scotland, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and origins of Golf! Not a great deal is known about Andrew’s early life other than he is mentioned in the Bible as taking part in the ‘Feeding of the Five Thousand’. It is not absolutely certain where he preached the Gospel, or where he is buried, but Patras in Achia claims to be the place where he was martyred and crucified. When Saint Andrew met his early death by the Romans in A.D. 60, it is said that he believed himself unworthy to be crucified on a cross like that of Christ, so he met his end on a 'saltire', or X-shaped cross (St. Andrew's cross) which became his symbol. While it is not certain where Andrew actually preached – Scythia, Thrace and Asia Minor have all been mentioned – it appears he traveled great distances in order to spread the word, and it may be this which links him with Scotland. There are two versions of events that link Saint Andrew to Scotland: One legend builds upon Andrew’s extensive travels, claiming that he actually came to Scotland and built a church in Fife. This town is now called St. Andrews, and the church became a center for evangelism, and pilgrims came from all over UK to pray there. Another ancient legend recalls how it was after the death of Andrew, sometime in the 4th century, that several of his relics where brought to Fife by Rule, a native of Patras. Whichever legend is closer to the truth we are unlikely to ever unravel, however it is these links that explain why Andrew is now the Patron Saint of Scotland. St. Andrew has also been remembered down through the ages for the way he met his terrible death in A.D. 60. It is said that he believed himself unworthy to be crucified on a cross like that of Christ, and so he met his end on a ‘saltire’, or X-shaped cross (St. Andrew’s cross) which became his symbol. His cross, in white on a blue background, remains the proud symbol of Scotland today and forms a central component of the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. His feast day is celebrated on November 30th. Today, pilgrims of another sort make the journey from all over the world to the tiny city of St. Andrews, internationally recognized as the traditional home of Golf! Our Saint Andrew is a 16 oz, 100% soy and beeswax blended candle that will be crystal blessed with specific gifts from Mother Earth to enhance its spiritual vibration. As always, 30% from this candle (and any candle we handcraft!) will be donated to a charitable cause. ***Please note it may take up 4 to 6 business days to complete and ship your order!*** HOUSEKEEPING: Candles burn best (and longest), when you allow a wax 'pool' to extend completely to the glass, otherwise your candle will tunnel straight down and the life of your candle will diminish greatly. Ceiling fans and floor fans (any type of moving air!) can also affect the way your candle burns. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All Mystic Pines Candle Co., candles are sold as curios only. Every soy wax item is lovingly hand-poured and Hand and Crystal Blessed. In no way, shape, or form do we guarantee any particular outcome. You must add your own pure love and positive intention to the products in order to make them work for you! CAUTION: Never leave a candle burning unattended. Certain candles may contain crystals and herbs that could potentially 'spark' or crack the glass. Always burn your candles, votives and tea lights on a fireproof dish when possible. **All artwork and photographs appearing on this site are the property of Mystic Pines Candle Co. They are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Mystic Pines Candle Co. All Rights Reserved.**
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