Coaching with George Pitagorsky

Coaching with George Pitagorsky

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George Pitagorsky's coaching helps people find the tools and concepts needed to go beyond tools and concepts to experience Flow and be ready for anything. I have learned that our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influence how we live and that by influencing the way we think we can ensure that the way we live leads to sustained optimal wellness. When we are unaware, thoughts and feelings drive behavior, often causing unnecessary stress. We act out, make poor decisions, and have relationship issues. When aware we can see the connections and consciously choose behavior that optimizes wellness and performance. We learn to manage our thoughts and feelings and to cut through or melt away the things that get in our way. While we are all basically the same, we have different backgrounds and capabilities. Coaching guides you to develop a personal path to optimal wellness. the work is based on decades of training and personal experience. "George Pitagorsky embodies what he dispenses - practical wisdom that produces tangible results. His wisdom and effectiveness are on par with the best. This makes his teaching and books alluring." - Brian Simmons, Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE), Meditation teacher, Author
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Self-Aware Living by George Pitagorsky

Self-Aware Living by George Pitagorsky
George Pitagorsky 160 East 38th Street, New York, NY, 10016, US [email protected]
Self-aware Living offers coaching and content to enable individuals and teams to cut through the obstacles that get in the way of optimal work and the rest of life. We invite you to journey on the Peaceful Warrior's Path to create your own ...

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