SpeakerTunity Cities™ Speaker Success Booking System

SpeakerTunity Cities™ Speaker Success Booking System

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The sure-fire, step-by-step system that takes the guesswork out of what to say, when to say it and how to get booked—and re-booked! Here’s what you get: • “SpeakerTunity Cities™ Get-Booked Guide” instructional video • The “SpeakerTunity Cities™ Get-Booked Guide” Writeable PDF to make you have everything you need to get booked in the right order and action steps to undertake • Two Speaker One-Sheet Templates -- and four samples of speaker-one sheets you can emulate • The “Make Yourself Irresistibly Relevant to a Booker Strategy Sheet” Writable PDF so you can determine the exact key messages to include in your proposal email to any particular booker • Two Speaker Proposal Emails templates • Three sample Follow-Up Phone Scripts • Your “Speaker Outreach Tracking Excel Sheet” so you can effectively conduct, time and track your follow-ups • The “Ultimate Speaker Checklist and Video Training” for when you DO get booked to ensure maximum success. This is a 7-page document! It’s the most complete checklist available! This is EVERYTHING you need to successfully land an endless supply of speaking gigs! It’s your blueprint! And with this all-in-one System, you can even set up one of your staff or your virtual assistant to do this work, while you are serving your clients and speaking on stages! Go to: https://speakertunity.com/success/
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SpeakerTunity, Experts, Leaders & Authors Get Booked!

SpeakerTunity, Experts, Leaders & Authors Get Booked!
Jackie Lapin 31592 Foxfield Drive, Westlake Village, CA, 91361, US [email protected]
In the beginning of my life I wanted to be a sportswriter--and I did! I became one of the first women sportswriters in America at the Detroit Free Press, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post.And then I moved into PR and being the pioneer I've always...

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