Spice Nickel Box - four 3 oz. individually wrapped, hand sized bar soaps

Spice Nickel Box - four 3 oz. individually wrapped, hand sized bar soaps

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Our Nickel Box contains four 3oz. perfect hand sized bar soaps. The Mystery bar soap assortment is ideal for travel size, dorm rooms, gift sets or simply to sample four of our soaps. Why do we call it a Nickel Box? In our local farmers markets we sell these bars individually for five bucks each. Vegan soap? You bet! Plant based oils are gentler on your skin and a renewable ingredient source. Safer for your body and protecting our planet all at the same time. The oils we use are universal throughout all of our soaps. Over the course of our 10year history, we have perfected a rich, natural, vegan soap formula that earned us the title of Best Vegan Soap Nationwide through the International Certification of the Lux Award. Coconut oil produces a small stable lather. Olive oil is superb for skin moisturizing and aids in soap lather. Cocoa butter is where our deep moisturizing benefits come from and it creates a hard bar that is longer lasting. Because, who wants to purchase a soap that falls apart? Not us! We use sustainable palm oil. Palm oil also aids directly to bar soap stability. But always choose manufacturers who use RSPO palm oil. RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Group teaches indigenous farmers how to harvest sustainably and not over farm the landscape. So, everyone wins. We protect the rain forests and animals that live there, as well as the local farmers who are mostly small generational family owned businesses. Finally, we use salt from the Dead Sea to act as a natural preservative. Salt, any salt, squeezes the water from production out of the bar and aids in a stable, hard bar of soap. You won't feel it and our soaps aren't exfoliating. Dead Sea salt is mostly minerals that are superb for skin conditioning. That's why we use it. Natural colors and essential oils for our aroma blends. Each 3oz. bar will last about 2 weeks.
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Waterfall Glen Soap Company, LLC

Waterfall Glen Soap Company, LLC
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   We began making soap in our kitchen for family and friends in the early summer of 2013.  Later that year, we created the foundation of Waterfall Glen Soap Company (named after the forest preserve in our backyard).   We recently moved to Belle...

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