Spirit Art Mediumship Reading 15 minutes

Spirit Art Mediumship Reading 15 minutes

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So many of us believe that our loved ones are still visiting us, but having PROOF is sometimes a priceless bit of reassurance! I will tap into who is visiting you, and sketch the energy that they send through me to depict their likeness. It can be stunningly accurate in how they can show themselves. I will then record an audio reading of what they share with me: identifiable characteristics or personality quirks, how they are doing, and what they have to say to you in the way of advise or encouragement. Please send me your first name and a picture of you to allow for the best connection. I will send the reading to you in an audio file (mp3) and a digital file of the picture I have drawn.* *Feel free to contact me to have the original sketch sent if that is your preference, but shipping will be an additional $10 that I will send you a payment link for. **The images you see with this offering show the original sketch in black and white, then a photo later provided to me by happy clients for comparison's sake. Other Info about this offering: Each 15 minute reading leaves time for 1-3 spirits, with some spirits coming in more than once .. they may not like how I drew them the first time or have more to say than I gave them time for. Approximately 60-80% of the time, upon seeing the picture and hearing the reading, you will immediately know who they are. Should that not be the case, I always suggest that you compare the sketches against any picture that you might have, or know that sometimes we are being supported by family or friends that we have never actually met. It's a reassuring and pleasant aspect to our lives that we have a so much unseen support!! Here are some testimonials I also have posted on my website www.judithhartke.com: "Absolutely loved Judy and her work. So many things were right on spot!! You have to experience this for anyone that you may have connected to some time in life!! Thank you so much Judy!!" Angela "Incredible. Super approve, she's the real deal." Nate "I'm really amazed with this reading the female spirit is definitely my grandmother for sure. It's wonderful to have confirmation that she is around. :-)" Sarah "Judy, Thank you so much for the reading !!! It was truly awesome. Please view the picture of my grandparents on my wedding day. Your sketch is spot on!!! Pretty uncanny!!! Thanks again!" Darcie "....this is a unique kind of reading and I thoroughly enjoyed it! DEAD ON with everything, including sketches! I HIGHLY recommend Judy if you wish to have a sketch of your loved ones and guides!.... Chelsea ​"All three of my grandparents came through and she was spot on! Actually, I just moved and recently shoved my bicycle in a small storage room downstairs. It actually might be a hazard the way it's stuffed in there. When my grandfather came through, his message was for me to get that bike out of where I have it and put it somewhere else" Melanie
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Judith Hartke

Judith Hartke
Judith Hartke 500 Buffalo Road, East Aurora, NY, 14052, US judyhartke@yahoo.com
After spending many years painting wildlife and animal subjects (which she still does!), Judy discovered that the subtle, often unseen aspects of our lives and surroundings can be experienced and captured on paper. She developed her own technique of...

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