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My soul's purpose is to awaken & inspire potential.  Nothing beats serving small businesses that make the world a better place. I love to connect, encourage & inspire.

Joined April 22,2018

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Mystic Pines Candle Co.

Great Vibes! Wonderful Candles.

Mystic Pines is a wonderful Business with Great Vibes The owners are authentic, passionate and heart-centered. Their products are made with love and only the best intention. I highly recommend Mystic Pines!!

Review by Jim | 04/19/20
Loving the Alight & Align Chakra Candle!

I purchased and received the candle last week and love it so much I am afraid to light it! I placed the candle in my living area and love the way the room smells as I enter my apartment. Christine (shop owner) is wonderful (we exchanged a couple emails). I know the candle was made with love and really dig that it is reiki blessed as well. In addition, a huge portion of the sale was donated to a charity that I was able to choose. Gotta love a small business that helps to make an impact. Love everything about Mystic Pines! Jim

Review by Jim | 06/24/18
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