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WNY Qigong

WNY Qigong

Qigong for Health and Wellness

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WNY Qigong

Qigong is an ancient health practice, similar to TaiChi, that integrates physical movements, breathe work and focused intention.  The slow gentle movements are easy to learn and can be adapted for anyone to do! Benefits of a regular practice include stress reduction,increased vitality, enhanced immune system, soothing emotions and calming the mind.

Clinical Qigong healing sessions help many people and pets, from those suffering from anxiety related challenges, to serious illnesses. A Clinical Qigong practioner checks the clients Energy Fields and then adjust them accordingly.  Meditation and or movements may be recommended as follow up to sessions.

WNY Qigong currently offers training to become a Clinical Qigong Practitioner and will be offering the Qigong Practice Leader/Teacher training again in the Fall of 2021!


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