World Coffee-World Community™

World Coffee-World Community™

About World Coffee-World Community™ World Coffee-World Community™ is a Social Transformation Business© — a business created for the purpose of facilitating positive social transformation. We believe business has the power to change the world; and with your help, we are working together to create a world in which the wellness of each and every person is valued and celebrated from the farmers who grow our coffee to our patrons who enjoy every bean and every cup. All of our beans are ethically-

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World Coffee-World Community™


Fair Trade Certified

USDA Organic


Empowers Women

Ethically Sourced

Fair Trade

Made with Love

Supports A Developing Country

Sustainably Farming

Woman Owned Business

Supports the Developing World

USDA Certified Organic


We actively work to meet the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Pease, Justice And Strong Institutions

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World Coffee-World Community™

Healthy Global Citizenship, one cup at a time.©


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World Coffee-World Community™

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